Feeder Shield

Unifab Rodent Feeder Shields vs. Glass Jars

  • No need for lids or food savers. This eliminates the frustration and fatigue of screwing on metal lids. The metal mouse and rat shields protect the plastic food container.
  • No more risk of injury (for human and rodent!) from broken glass jars. The Unifab Feeder Shield is virtually indestructible and will last for years (decades!)
  • The plastic container is disposable! All remaining food and the container are discarded with animal waste. No un-screwing of metal lids, savers being thrown away.
  • No glass jars to cagewash. The Feeder Shield only needs to be washed with the cage every 2 weeks. Note: Dumping food jars is one the most unpleasant tasks in a rodent colony. It is also the highest area for occupational exposure to rodent dander, urine and possibly test compound.
  • The Feeder Shields are stackable. They will take 1/3 of the space needed for glass jars.
  • Reduces amount of spillage. The opening was tested and proven to be the optimal width.

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Code #Type
148-16-RFSRat Feeder Shield
148-4-MFSMouse Feeder Shield
148-16-DISP CUPRat Disposable Feeder
148-4-DISP CUPMouse Disposable Feeder